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Leiderschap als levenskunst

Je bent directeur of bestuurder. Veel mensen kijken naar jou. Ze willen visie, richting en duidelijkheid. Maar soms kom je op een punt waarop je vaststelt dat het niet meer werkt zoals je zou willen.

Leadership as art of living

You are a director or a leader. You oversee and manage others, many of whom look to you for support and guidance. But there are times when you feel like you need support, to help to realign your goals, as a leader and in your personal life.




Vision, courage & inner wisdom

The influence you have as a director or manager can be great and requires diligence, courage and wisdom. Your position sometimes makes it difficult to candidly share questions you ask yourself with others. You are looking for someone from outside your organization with whom you can have an honest conversation, who stands beside you and offers new insight and direction so that you can move forward, with more confidence, connection with your staff and satisfaction in your leadership and life.

Together we look at the questions you bring. These can be issues or concerns you have in your personal life, your role as a leader or the direction of your organization. We examine the themes that emerge so that you have a better understanding of what is going on and can sense what requires action. We will work to bring you closer to your vision, improve your relationships and give focus to your calling.




What are we working on together?


Connection with yourself and the people around you.


Fulfillment and joy in your life and work.


Meaningful outcome for all stakeholders.

Floris previously worked with:

So that you can get on well again

Is “doing it yourself” a quality of yours? This is often the case with people in leadership positions. You may be wondering, “Is my question big enough to call Floris? Well, sometimes it’s actually nice to look at your situation before it gets out of hand. You might be able to move on nicely with just one meeting.

More love and stability at home

‘My leadership program with Floris has changed a lot. I now combine my focus on results with more connection with colleagues. As a result, I see new ideas and beautiful results emerging. Moreover, I experience more love and stability at home.’


This experience is anonymous at the request of the referent. Confidentiality is paramount in our contact. If you would like to contact a director/administrator with whom I worked, please let me know.

I regularly think back to the trajectory

‘As a CFO, I am a man of hard numbers and factual analysis and was not much into psychology. But I hadn’t been feeling well for some time and that was new to me. With Floris I quickly felt safe and at ease. He listened, analyzed and outlined the situation in a way that touched me. I regularly think back to the process.’

Board member

This experience is anonymous at the request of the referent. Confidentiality is paramount in our contact. If you would like to contact a director/administrator with whom I worked, please let me know.

I have regained control

I had my doubts about a program with Floris because I thought coaching was a bit woolly and that I could solve the problem myself. Out of curiosity I decided to go for it anyway. With success. Floris listened, analyzed and gave me stimulating exercises. Now it runs like clockwork again. I have control back.


This experience is anonymous at the request of the referent. Confidentiality is paramount in our contact. If you would like to contact a director/administrator with whom I worked, please let me know.

In-depth & practical

Are you not waiting for yet another color analysis or management model? Don’t want to dig into your childhood without understanding why? And do you feel like open investigation with someone who knows what he doesn’t know?

Then you have come to the right place. I like to work with you in the here and now, with your situation as a starting point. If it helps, we make trips to the past or visualize your desired future. Open and inquisitive.

Collaboration covenants

Vanuit In Mundo werk ik met directeuren en bestuurders in het onderwijs. We dragen bij aan het vormgeven van  betekenisvol onderwijs, gericht op de ontwikkeling van mensen met het oog op het welzijn van al het leven op aarde. De hele mens in de leerling wordt ontmoet en daarmee welkom geheten met alles wat er is. We richten ons op leiderschap met impact dat bijdraagt aan gezonde en levendige onderwijsorganisaties.

Voor Nyenrode Business University werk ik als executive coach voor directeuren en bestuurders. Sinds 7+ jaar ben ik verbonden als gastdocent Leiderschap. Daarnaast begeleidde ik senior leiderschapsprogramma’s.

Als moderator ben ik sinds 6+ jaar verbonden aan het European Leadership Platform op de Zuidas. Leiders uit het bedrijfsleven en (semi-)overheid komen bij elkaar om uit te zoomen van hun dagelijkse praktijk, op zoek naar wijsheid in leiderschapsdialogen.

Ik ben CRKBO-gecertificeerd. Ook NLP-gecertificeerd, opgeleid als socioloog en diverse leiderschaps- en therapeutische opleidingen.

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We meet, explore your situation and identify your development needs. We discover what our collaboration can bring you and how we can realize your wishes. If it clicks from both sides, we will shape your leadership path together.


What can I do for you?

Volle agenda?

Het kan er wel eens bij inschieten om stil te staan bij de echte vragen in het leven en leiderschap.

Ik bied je graag drie reflectiemomenten aan: je ontvangt ze per mail en ze duren een paar minuten.

Zodat je je dag daarna met aandacht en focus kunt continueren. En op termijn wellicht meer plezier en voldoening ervaart.

Zin in drie reflectiemomenten?

Uitschrijven kan altijd met één klik. Je gegevens zijn veilig en worden nooit met anderen gedeeld.

Your schedule full of meetings?

Then it can get away from time to time to dwell on the real questions in your life and leadership. This is what I regularly hear from directors and administrators who contact me.

That’s why I offer three reflection retreats. They are nano retreats of a few minutes that I send you by email. So that afterwards you can continue your day with pleasure and satisfaction.


I keep your information carefully and never share it with others. Unsubscribing can always be done with one click.